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Our Duties
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Our Duties

  • Verification of suitability of prospective adoptive parents by means of interviews and close cooperation with youth welfare offices and experts;
  • Preparation for intercountry adoption by holding seminars and meetings with adoptive and prospective adoptive parents;
  • Continuous informing and consulting during the adoption process to ensure transparency;
  • Responsible representation of applicants in the country of adoption and its authorities;
  • Counseling of adoptive parents during the adoption process abroad;
  • Post-adoptive care and counseling

Charitable Activities Abroad

Besides facilitating adoptions we either directly or indirectly support needy children in their home country by

  • Paying for medical treatments;
  • Purchasing medical equipment;
  • Hiring skilled personnel in homes for handicapped children;
  • Funding training courses for skilled personnel (e.g. Vojta-therapists)
  • Improving buildings (e.g. renovation, restoration, additions) in schools and institutions;
  • Building schools and children's homes;
  • Finding sponsors to ensure schooling, education, and training.


Charitable projects initiated by AdA have the sole purpose of supporting needy children in leading dignified lives in their home countries.
AdA is recognized as a charitable, non-profit organization by the German government and is therefore able to issue donation receipts. Donations will be exclusively used for the needs of poor and/or sick and handicapped children without any deductions for administration or other costs.

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