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Charitable Activities

In the course of our work as an adoption agency we read many biographies of abandoned children and we can attest that the main reasons for children being abandoned by their parents are poverty, hopelessness, political instability and insufficient public welfare.

If shelter and subsistence are not secure, if there is no hope for a life in human dignity, if mothers themselves have been abandoned by the community, the daily fight for livelihood will overshadow the care and love for the children.

For this reason AdA supports a number of projects which help children who do not need new parents, but assistance for living a dignified life in their home country. Alleviation of poverty in their families or in the institutions where they live is the main purpose of this support.

In addition to fundraising activities, which it considers an important pillar of its work, AdA has initiated and supervised the founding of country-specific support societies which are administered by adoptive parents and which have the following goals:

  • to assist in maintaining ties to the birth countries of the adopted children and further the communication and mutual support between adoptive families;
  • to impart cultural characteristics of the respective country and thus preserve some form of heritage for the adopted children;
  • to support us in our claim to improve the living conditions of needy children, especially in the areas of health, education and development, so that they can stay in their home countries and even remain with their families.
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