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Welcome to the Website of AdA Adoption Agency!

AdA is the Spanish acronym for Asesoría de Adopciones. AdA has been a federally approved adoption agency since 1999.

AdA was founded in 1994 by Monika Müllers-Stein and Susana Katz-Heieck in Bogotá, Colombia. To this day AdA has its strongest ties with Colombia where the AdA founders lived for a number of years. It was here that they developed the framework for adoption with particular respect to the needs of abandoned children. Adoptions in Colombia are arranged in close cooperation with the Colombian famliy welfare institute ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar).

It was during this time in Colombia that AdA also established its charitable activities to help needy children to be able to remain with their families, to send them to school and to tend to their basic needs. This work is of utmost importance to ensure a life in human dignity and to build a strong cultural identity.

Only when a dignified and safe childhood in the birth country cannot be ensured, only when children have been abandoned or have been given up for adoption by their parents is an intercountry adoption justified. It is the inviolable right of each child to grow up in a family that will provide a safe and caring environment.

We are looking for parents
...who will adopt an abandoned and therefore deeply hurt child regardless of its origin, individual history, colour, age or gender and provide a loving and safe home.

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