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Post-Adoptive Care


What is the Role of an Adoption Agency?

Intercountry adoption should always be the last measure after all other measures of keeping a child in its birth family and/or country have failed. Only if a dignified life with the famliy or an adoptive or foster family in the birth country cannot be realized, should an intercountry adoption be considered. Only federally approved adoption agencies are allowed to facilitate adoptions. One of the prerequisites for federal approval is proper staff: an adoption agency needs at least two fulltime licensed social workers who have already gained experience in facilitating adoptions.

AdA, a non-profit organisation, was accredited early 1999 as an international adoption agency. Furthermore, after Germany ratified the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption on March 1, 2002, AdA was granted special accreditation within the framework of the Hague Convention.

Adoption facilitated by AdA

Applicants interested in intercountry adoption can consult AdA. The first step is an in-depth consultation with one of our social workers. The purpose of this initial consultation is to

  • get to know each other and get a first impression of the suitability for intercountry adoption
  • inform applicants of the situation of abandoned children
  • describe in an exemplary fashion the social circumstances leading to abandonment of children
  • outline in detail the adoption procedure in the country of adoption

AdA closely cooperates with the local youth welfare offices in order to assess the suitability of the prospective adoptive parents. Once the applicants have decided to adopt through AdA they need to contact the local youth welfare office. AdA also informs the office of the application and asks that the applicants' suitability is assessed according to AdA's guidelines.

At the same time a psychological expertise in accordance with guidelines provided by AdA is required. These guidelines are based on the international standards between countries where a contractual relationship exists. AdA also consults psychologists who check the suitability of the adoptive parents in addition to the preparation of the home study.

The final decision rests with AdA as they are familiar with the situation of the country where the adoption will take place.

AdA will forward the completed and approved application to the authorities abroad where it will be checked once more. Only after the application has been approved by the foreign authority do the applicants receive written approval that their application has been accepted and that they can expect to adopt a child.

Workshops for approved applicants to prepare them for adoption

AdA offers workshops which are conducted by specialists. These workshops are not part of the approval process but help prepare for a new situation: to become parents. These workshops are offered continuously in various regions in Germany.

AdA at the moment has approval for the following countries: 
Colombia · Chile · Honduras · Vietnam · Czech Republic 
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