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AdA Donations

IBAN: DE91700211800021233773

Donation receipts will be mailed automatically so if you require a receipt please make sure to include your complete address.

You have the option to have your donation go to a special project. For instance, if you would like to sponsor a child and continually donate an amount please indicate the purpose "Oriéntame -Sponsorship" for: Name of the Child
If you would like to donate money for training of physiotherapists and the treatment of severely handicapped children in Luz y Vida, please indicate: "Vojta Luz y Vida".
If you would like to support the building of the addition to the girls' school in Popayán you will need to indicate the following: "La Milagrosa".
School lunches and homework support for children in South Bogotá would be "La Casita de Bogotá".

But you can also trust AdA with using your donation for the most urgent project and in this case you need not indicate a special purpose for your donation.

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