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Post-Adoptive Care


Post-Adoptive Care

We keep in touch with almost all adoptive families. Post-adoptive care is an important part of adoption. AdA organizes regional meetings for adoptive parents and applicants on a continuous basis.

One of the commitments that adoptive parents have made to the authorities of the country of adoption is a detailed report on the development of the child in the first year, and, in some cases, this report is due annually until the child is grown up.

Within the area of post-adoptive care AdA is a contact point for questions regarding expert help in case of problems that may arise. AdA uses its excellent contacts in the birth countries to assist children and their adoptive parents in searching for their roots.

Weekend Workshops for Post-Adoptive Care

AdA Adoption Agency organises weekend workshops for a limited number of families (between seven and twelve families). These workshops are geared towards supporting and enabling adoptive parents to integrate the adoptive child and its history into their new life. Telling the child about his/her origin is not a one-time information session but a lifelong exchange.

Possible questions could be:

  • How do I tell my child about his/her origin?
  • How can I keep my child from losing respect for the birth country?
  • How can I communicate hurtful experiences in the child's biography?
  • How do I spot a psychological problem?
  • How can certain types of behaviour be explained?

Not only the child's history is covered, but also the new role of the adoptive parents.

  • How do I gain security in my role as mother/father of the child?
  • How do I handle possible feelings of guilt?
  • How easily am I shaken if my child says "You are not my mother/father?"
  • How do I handle reactions from my environment commenting on the visible difference between my child and me?
  • How does parenthood affect the relationship of the parents?

The workshops are conducted by experts. During the workshop the children are taken care of by trained staff. AdA offers these workshops in various regions in Germany.

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