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Post-Adoptive Care


Workshops for Future Adoptive Parents

Applicants have already overcome many obstacles on their way to becoming a family - but the most important challenge - getting to know the child - still lies ahead. Problems that could arise are:

  • Severed family ties and their implications
  • Traumatic experiences and corrective measures
  • Handling of initial rejection by the adoptive child
  • Position of child within the family
  • Problem of what to tell children about their origins
  • Reactions of surrounding environment and appropriate responses
  • Insufficient knowledge of the birth country

During the waiting period these workshops offer applicants the opportunity to meet with other future adoptive parents and to discuss questions on international adoption. The goal of these workshops is to prepare parents for adoption and to provide guidelines.

Accompanying a child on its path of life
Adoptive children require a lot of support and understanding in order to cope with their special situation. The workshops, organized and supervised by specially trained experts, offer the opportunity to voice doubts and/or reduce fears without the pressure of the approval process. In addition to the questions and topics covered by these workshops, applicants have the opportunity to exchange their views and opinions with other applicants. AdA offers these workshops in several regions of Germany.

AdA stays in touch with adoptive parents even after the adoption has been finalized: Weekend Workshops for Post-Adoptive Care

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