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Post-Adoptive Care


Consulting and Translation Fees

Our service fees are EUR 9.000 plus 7 % VAT, which are payable in three installments

EUR 3.000 (+ VAT) is the processing fee payable after the first comprehensive meeting has taken place. After receipt of payment you will receive our standardized application form, the youth welfare office responsible for you will receive information and guidelines for the preparation of the home study. Furthermore you will receive progress reports and support during the initial stages of the application

The second installment of EUR 3.000,- (+ VAT) becomes due after the home study and the psychological expertise have been received by AdA and you have completed your application

The second installment covers the cost of

  • A workshop for the preparation of applicants
  • The shipment of application documents to the respective country,
  • Continuing support and reporting on progress,
  • Local representation in Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Vietnam, or, support by the designated interpreter in the Czech Republic,
  • Seeking additionial medical and social reports, where applicable, and the translation of this documentation.

The final installment of EUR 2.000,- (+ VAT) is due after the child has been proposed for adoption.

This final installment covers the cost of

  • Translating documentation which needs updating,
  • Preparation of your trip, coordination of all dates and the organization of local representation,
  • Forwarding required development reports to the authorities abroad.

Additional Cost

In addition to the fee the following costs will be incurred:

  • The Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) charges EUR 1.200 for the preparation of the home study.
  • In addition to the home study a psychologial expertise is required which we arrange and which costs approximately EUR 700
  • Notarization of all documents will cost about EUR 300
  • Travel and accommodation costs of your stay abroad

Cost in the respective countries: EUR 3.000

You can expect a total cost for adoption (incl. our fees) of 18,000 to 20,000 EUR. This amount consists entirely of service fees. You do not pay for a child and nobody gains undue advantage by arranging an adoption. Please pay attention to a detailed listing of the cost when deciding upon a country so that you are acutely aware of what the charges cover and the service fee consists of.

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