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Hanoi / Vietnam


Hanoi / Vietnam

Most of the donations we receive for Vietnam go to children's homes that care for severely disabled children. These are mainly children, who are still suffering the after-effects of the Vietnam War. Children with much too late recognized and treated hydrocephalus, children with anencephaly, with severe malformations.

They are lovingly cared for in the homes. We were able to convince ourselves that no child had signs of wound storage. Despite the good care and adequate staffing situation, circumstances for the children are shockingly bleak. 

With the funds we receive from the donations, we can create their daily lives more bearable with good orthopedic aids, toys, good specialist therapists, care-friendly lifting equipment and nursing beds.

Medical Treatments for Poor Families
Medical care, especially in more remote areas of Vietnam, is insufficient. That is why surgical treatments for children with a cleft palate, severe scar tissue, deformations or untreated broken limbs are offered. International teams of physicians usually work for free, but the transfer of the children to the hospitals, pre-operative care and accommodation (often with at least one parent), meals, and post-operative care need to be financed.

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