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Children's Home Hogar Fervor

The Hogar Fervor children's home is located in Bogotá and was founded by Yenny Pedraza in 1996. The name "Fervor" is assembled from the words Fé (faith), Esperanza (hope), Rehabilitación (rehabilitation), Vida (life) and Amor (love); Fervor means devotion. These expressions make up the motto of the home to 26 children up to the age of 16 who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Yenny Pedraza has an eight-year-old son suffering from cerebral palsy and her goal is to offer these children a chance at a life in dignity. These children do not have medical insurance or any other form of government support. The state pays 20 EUR per child per month and the parents pay monthly 7 EUR for the care of their child. Actual costs are 150 EUR per child per month. That is why Hogar Fervor depends on donations. Since 2000 the main support comes from Koki e.V., the society to help children in Colombia. The chairwoman of Koki e.V. visited the institution in 2005. For further information please contact the web page of KoKi e.V.

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