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Girls' School "La Milagrosa" in Popayán

Popayán is the capital of the Cauca region in the southwest of Colombia and has about 220,000 inhabitants. There is no industry there, and people used to be able to sustain themselves through tourism, but this is impossible nowadays due to the political situation.

The "La Milagrosa" girls' school was founded in 1962 by the Sisters of the Order of St. Vincent for girls from poor families in the north of Popayán. Most of the girls grow up without a father, their mothers try and sustain their families by doing laundry, working as house maids or selling merchandise on markets.

In Popayán there are several schools offering a high-school diploma as well as a university with 40 faculties and about 7,000 students. La Milagrosa is one of the few schools that does not require tuition fees. AdA has supported the school since 1999. In the meantime the school has 550 pupils, a canteen has been built and the girls get school lunches. The completion of a multi-functional building and equipping the school with computers will cost another 90,000 EUR. Your donation can help towards achieving this goal.

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