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AdA Sponsorships

Parallel to the founding of AdA Adoption Agency in Bogotá in 1994 families were supported in order for them to send their children to school or to obtain medical treatment. Therefore a special donation bank account was opened used solely for charitable purposes to continually support projects initiated in Colombia.

The families and their children are among the poorest living in the slums of Bogotá. These children are not only living in an environment not suitable for children but often they are exposed to terrible family circumstances. To a large extent the children supported by AdA live with only their mother and a number of siblings. Families in particular are affected by unemployment, homelessness, seeking refuge from civil wars, or the death of a family member. In a country with no social welfare system and little understanding of personal solidarity, each problem alone can lead to extreme poverty. Children who have to grow up in these circumstances and remain without education will never have the opportunity to better their lives.

This is where the AdA sponsorship project comes in. AdA supports these children so they can go to school. This alone will provide them with a better starting point and a chance to get a qualified job and thus support themselves.

AdA cooperates closely with the Colombian foundation Oriéntame, which, next to organizing sponsorships, supports the training of mothers who quite often are the sole supporter of a family.

For more detailed information please read the AdA flyer on sponsorships which may be obtained in the AdA offices.
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